3 Simple Tips for Stump Removal

You have completed tree removal that you can’t afford in your yard, but the problem is not solved yet. You are now left with the stump that is more problem-causing than the tree itself was.

Removing the stump is not an easy task and you might want to take the help of stump removal professionals to get the job done. But before you get into different stump removal options, let’s identify some unique characteristics about the stump you want to remove.

Is the root system of the stump deep? Whether the stump is small, medium, or large? Where is it in your yard? It is important to know these answers because larger stumps are not easy to remove, and only some specific methods can work on them.

Tips for stump removal

What is the reason for your stump removal? Is it a pending task for your tree removal job? Do you see it as an eyesore? Or is it an old stump you want to get rid of?

Whatever is the condition with you, for sure you want to choose the most suitable and faster method for stump removal. After knowing the reason and details, it will become easier for you to choose one of the below-mentioned stump removal methods.

Chemical removal

Using chemicals for stump removal is the least labor-intensive process. However, it is a time-taking process, especially when the stump is deep and large. Sometimes it may take a year to eliminate the whole stump. But the best thing is the stump removal cost with this method is almost inexpensive.

These are the following items you need for chemical stump removal:

  • A chainsaw
  • A drill
  • Potassium Nitrate
  • Plastic tarp
  • Mulch
  • An ax

The process to remove stump using chemical:

Step 1: Take out as much stump as you can see deep under the ground, using a chainsaw. Make sure you wear steel toe boots, safety goggles, and other necessary safety gear.

Step 2: Drill holes through the leftover tree stump. Make the holes closely and use the largest drill machine to make deep and wide holes.

Step 3: Start with filling water in the holes following with potassium nitrate. If you cannot find potassium nitrate, you can also find other fertilizers that are high in nitrogen.

Step 4: Make the ground around the stump saturated by soaking the ground with water. Cover the surrounding area using a plastic trap. It accelerates the rotting process trapping the moisture inside.

Step 5: Cover the area with the mulch as it helps retain moisture.

Step 6: Check it from time to time and add water and nitrate as and when required. Again cover the surroundings with water and mulch.

Step 7: After six weeks, you would observe the stump to take on a spongy texture. Use an ax to remove the soft portion of the stump, it will speed up the process.

Remove manually

If you want quick removal and don’t want to use a chemical process, you can remove it manually. Again it is an inexpensive process if you already have the required tools. You can remove the stump in just 12 hours.

Required tools:

  • Digging bar
  • Bow saw
  • Ax
  • Mattock

Make sure to wear safety gear.

The manual process to remove the tree stump:

Removing stump manually is a labor-intensive process but is also faster.

Step 1: Loosen the dirt and dig around the stump using the broad end of the mattock.

Step 2: Use a shovel to remove loose dirt to uncover the roots.

Step 3: Cut off the tree roots from the tree trunk with the help of a mattock.

Step 4: Continue digging and chopping until you get the taproot.

Step 5: Use an ax or bow saw to cut the taproot.

Once you cut the taproot, you can twist and pull the tree stump out of the soil.

Burn the stump

The burning method is another top listed stump removal method. You can combine it with one or both of the above-mentioned methods.

Items required:

  • Stump out
  • Kerosene or fuel oil
  • Power drill

Step 1: Drill some holes in the stump and sprinkle the powdered tree stump removal product. It will make the stump porous.

Step 2: Pour fuel oil into the holes. Soak the tree stump with it completely, it will allow the porous stump to soak up the fuel easily.

Step 3: Make the stump burn by igniting it. Keep an eye on it closely and make sure that the flame does not get out of control. Once the burning is about to finish, cover it with topsoil as it will help put out any residue of the fire.

This is the fastest method of removal but it is suitable only when you live in a remote area and the law allows you to use kerosene on the stump.

Use one of the best suitable methods and get rid of the unsightly and problem-causing stumps in your yard. If you want to get it done with some experts search Google for ‘contractors for stump removal near me’. They can help you get rid of tree stumps safely and easily. Keep visiting this space for more tips.