July 23, 2024


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Advantages of Renting a Villa Directly From the Owner

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To enjoy a private break, it is imperative that you have a villa or rent out a villa directly from the owner rather than going through agencies. If you know the owner, then things become more relaxed and in fact the prices can actually reduce. The main benefit is that the fee you pay an agent and even taxes cab be eliminated. If you chose to book a villa directly from the owner, you can expect an excellent service. This is because the owner has a limited number of guests to look after and as a direct result, all questions, doubts can be answered without hesitation. Hints, tips, advice and other forms of information (if required) can be provided. All of this will be helpful in making your stay more enjoyable. While renting directly from the owners make sure that the owner it’s important to ensure the owner is a reliable person and has enough information about the villa. On the other hand remember that the owners business is totally dependent on the tenant.

Another benefit is that, the owner may actually be willing to make modifications to the place as you require such as adding or removing furniture or extras if required by you. So with the owner things are arranged the way you wish them to be arranged. If you wish to have any extras the owner can make arrangements for them. Hotels generally do not offer this kind of treatment, as everything is pre arranged and cannot be altered. So you can save a lot of money by removing the unnecessary things that you may wish to ignore in the villa, for example you could ask the homeowner to equip a washing machine. This way you do not need to go out and get your laundry done and you also get to save money.

One more benefit is that you can bargain. Agents often heckle and try to convince you into buying some other property. So it is best to rent out a villa directly from the owner. Enjoying a private holiday sounds better on a lower price rather than paying a high price and having guilt at the back of your mind reminding you of the price every moment. There are many villas available for rent directly from the owner. It is best that you contact the owner directly. There are many villas available in the Costa del Sol region that offer good value for money. Many of the villas have private pools with fantastic sea and mountain views.

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