An easy guide on buying wine for duck based meals

Wine on a dinner table doesn’t only look elegant but is a requirement. Having a wine cabinet cooler at home makes it easier for you to fulfil this requirement, every day, without any hassle to chill the particular type of wine to a certain temperature.

Many wine lovers believe that certain recipes of duck wine should be of a particular kind. This makes it extremely hard for people to buy wine for the duck. The good news is that having a little bit of wine knowledge might help you figure out which wines are likely to be a good match for your meals and which ones you should certainly avoid. You can become a wine expert by learning about your tastes and the main qualities of wine, and feel confident in picking a wonderful wine to pair with your duck meal.

Here is some basic information that you must have to buy the best kind of wine to go with duck!

The body of the wine

Wines are classified as having a light, full, or somewhere in between body. The wine’s “body” describes how heavy or light it feels in your mouth. Red wines, as well as wines manufactured from grapes cultivated in warmer climates rather than cooler ones, have a heavier body than white wines.

This information will certainly help you when you are out in the market looking at shelves full of different types of wine.

The alcohol content of the wine

The higher the percentage of alcohol in your glass of wine, the warmer your throat and back of the mouth will get. Most wines have 11 to 13 % alcohol by volume, but they can range from 5.5 to 20 %.

Depending upon the time of the day and the type of duck you’re having, you should choose the right percentage of alcohol. Another thing to keep in mind would be your alcohol tolerance.


Tannins are phenolic substances found in grape skins. The wine will have a more bitter flavour when tannins are naturally present in the winemaking process or added through age. People frequently confuse the tannin level with the “dryness” of a wine, which actually refers to how sweet or not sweet a bottle of wine is because tannins tend to dry out your tongue. More tannins are incorporated throughout the red winemaking process, giving some red wines a distinctly dry and bitter finish.

The sweetness of the wine

The phrases “sweet,” “semi-sweet,” and “dry” are frequently used on wine labels. A dry wine is not sweet in the least. If you are having a very juicy and spicy duck dish, you should go for the wine that is labelled “sweet” or “semi-sweet”. The taste will help cut through the savouriness of the duck.

The acidity of the wine

Wines with high acidity taste tart and wines with low acidity taste smoother and richer.


Keeping in mind all these factors should help you buy the right kind of wine to be paired with your duck based meals. Remember, every recipe for duck tastes different and would be paired with different types of wine.