Are Pool Cracks Serious?

Pool cracks are a common issue that many pool owners may encounter over time. While some cracks may be superficial and not cause any significant problems, others may be more serious and require prompt attention to prevent further damage or safety hazards.

Small hairline cracks that are less than 1/8 inch wide are generally considered to be cosmetic and do not pose any significant risks. However, larger cracks, especially those that are wider than 1/8 inch or extend deep into the pool structure, can be a cause for concern.

Cracks in the pool structure can allow water to seep through, which can cause the pool to lose water and create a potential hazard for the surrounding area. Additionally, cracks can indicate more serious issues with the pool structure, such as settling, soil movement, or foundation problems. These issues can compromise the integrity of the pool and create safety hazards for swimmers.

If you notice any cracks in your pool, it’s important to have them evaluated by a professional pool contractor to determine their severity and the best course of action. In some cases, minor cracks can be repaired using epoxy or other sealants. More serious cracks may require more extensive repairs or even a complete pool renovation.

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