July 23, 2024


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Can You Safely Sell Your Home and Rent It Back?

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Plans that allow homeowners to sell their property and then rent it back are often referred to as sale and lease back or buy back schemes. Simply put, the property owner sells the home and then continues renting it from the new owner. This means that the home will no longer be theirs, but they will continue to live in the same home without being forced to move.

One major contributing factor with regards to why people choose this kind of scheme is that of financial pressures. Although we have grown accustomed to many luxuries and a certain way of life, this has in no way eased up the pressure on our pockets! In fact, many homeowners feel a bigger pinch today than they did years ago. These financial hardships affect a large majority of the population and can make it difficult or impossible to continue making monthly mortgage payments.

When a homeowner can’t afford to pay their mortgage, for whatever reason, there is the instant worry that the bank is going to “come knocking”. Rather than remaining homeless, these struggling property owners choose to sell their property instead. By choosing to sell and rent back the property, rather than simply selling, the whole hassle of packing and moving is eliminated. There’s no need to downsize, pay professional movers to transport your precious belongings, or hunt desperately for a home that you can afford. Selling your home and trying to find a new place to live while managing your usual daily responsibilities is not only stressful and tiring but also unnecessary. In addition, when you sell your home, you will enjoy some instant financial relief, and you can use the funds to pay off your other debts or fund another investment perhaps.

It’s important to note that such schemes are run by individuals and private companies. Just like any financial decision, it is best to take some time to consider all of your options and read all the fine print in the agreement before you sign. Try to consult with at least three different individuals or companies who are willing to offer this scheme and don’t be afraid to obtain legal advice to make sure that the terms are in fact legit. An independent financial adviser will be best equipped to lay out your various options after taking your financial situation into account. It is important to seek such advice and make sure that selling and renting back your property is indeed the best option.

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