July 22, 2024


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Improve Putting With Indoor Golf Practice

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Are you a frustrated putter? Is your putting killing your golf score? If so, you’ve got to find every opportunity you can to practice your putting, and why not indoors with a training aid?

Golf Putting Aids Can Help

You’ve seen them…indoor putting aids! There are a ton of them! Some are good and some are worthless. But anything is better than nothing. Just getting a putter in your hands and making some putting strokes is going to help. Practice makes perfect!

The great thing about golf putting aids is you can try them out at your local golf store. Many of them are set up for you to try at your convenience. This will give you a firsthand feel for which ones you think will help your putting woes.

Putt In Your Office

I’m dead serious! Bring a spare putter to your work and do it whenever you can. Shut your door…grab your putter…and give it a go! A simple putting drill is to lay a glass on its side and putt your ball into the opening of the glass. You’ve probably seen this drill before, but have you ever done it? It works!

You can also putt to a spot that’s maybe 8-10 feet away if you don’t want to do the glass drill above. If you have any kind of thick carpet, the ball is not going to roll as well, but again…it’s better than nothing.

On Your Garage Floor

You want to mimic the greens at the Master”s? Put on your garage floor! Talk about fast. Now I wouldn’t do this too much as it will really throw off your feel for speed on real greens, but it’s kind of fun once in a while.

Practice, Practice, Practice

The ONLY way to improve your putting is through practice. As I mentioned before, One very effective way is to get a indoor golf putting mat. They come in a variety of prices and styles, but you’re sure to find one that you like. They can be fun to use on those miserable winter days.

Anyhow…I hope you take my advice and get that putter in your hand as often as you can! The next time you hit the course, you’ll shave several strokes off your score.

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