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The Way it Was: Seymour House

Charles and Leona Linker, longtime owners of the Seymour house at 718 Main St.

This home at 718 Main St. was built in 1892. It featured late Queen Anne style decoration. While it is hidden, this home still exists today.

The original front porch was removed and a new modern two-story commercial building was built in front of the house. Standing across or down the street, you can still see the third-story gable peeking out above the commercial building.

The couple photographed here on the original front porch are Charles and Leona Linker, who lived in the home for many years.

Leona Linker was a fashion designer who invented a new style of women’s undergarments in 1905 called the Leona. She then opened the Leona Garment Co. in La Crosse. As styles changed, the Leona became obsolete and the company closed in 1920.

To learn more about the Leona and the Linker home, visit the La Crosse Public Library Archives website.

Anyone with more information about this photo or wishing to donate photos of the Coulee Region may contact the La Crosse Public Library Archives at 608-789-7136 or via email at [email protected]

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