Ready, Set, Sell Your Home

The idea of selling your home in today’s market is more than a little bit daunting. Every day it seems there is new information on the horizon telling you that you shouldn’t sell.

But don’t be discouraged! If you follow some basic strategies and steps and take some time to plan before you place your home on the market. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised and find you can maximize your home’s value to get top dollar on your investment.

Presentation And Staging

One of the most critical aspects of your sell my house fast jacksonville plan is presentation and staging. Think of the model homes you have visited. You want your home to be inviting, welcoming, and want the buyers to be able to see themselves living there. If your house is painted in bold colors, consider enlisting the services of a painter. Neutralizing the tones of your home will add to the desirability. Neutral colors such as whites and beiges also tend to make rooms look larger and lighter, which is always a plus.

Even if it means renting a storage space to declutter your home, the investment return is worth the extra few dollars. Buyers are going to want to see a home that is clean and light and bright. Clutter will just weigh the home down. Don’t clear everything out, though, and you don’t want your home to seem barren. 

Make sure to leave basic furnishings and a few touches like a beautiful centerpiece, a few cute pictures of the baby, decorative candles, and a table setting in the dining room. Add a few colorful flowers in the front yard to add some curb appeal, make sure the lawn is nicely kept, and you are ready to go. Personal touches make all of the difference!

Another critical selling strategy is exposure, exposure, exposure! Let everyone know you are selling your home, exhaust every possible measure, everything short of screaming it from the rooftops. List with an agent who has a marketing strategy that will ensure your home receives as much exposure as possible. 

Who knows who might be in the market to buy a home? Your home should be listed in all the local papers and the internet. Your listing should appear on massive traffic sites like Yahoo Real Estate, Google, and any other listing site in your community. Don’t be afraid to post that “for sale” sign proudly in the front yard. Open houses are also a good idea to get the word out.

Another tip in this market is pricing. Pricing a home high can alienate buyers. You and the price too low lose money. Take an honest look at the comps in your neighborhood, get an assessment from multiple agents, and then go with your gut. It is a delicate balance. Take your time and think it through carefully. The right price will bring in buyers—the more buyers looking at your home, the better your chances of receiving an offer.

So there you have it! With these easy to use strategies and tips, you should be handing over the keys to your “Sold Home” to some eager buyers in no time at all.