How Far Will Your Rent Dollar Stretch Around The Country?

Nearly 37 percent of Americans live in rental units. Some prefer the relative mobility that renting allows, while others like being able to call a landlord when things break. Some rent by choice, others by necessity because they can’t afford the down payment to buy a house or qualify for a mortgage.

Whatever the reason, most of us are renters at some stages of our lives, and as in all things real estate, location is new construction massachusetts a big determinant of how much we will spend on our housing.

Here is a sampling of what we found in the rental markets of some of the cities along the HuffPost Listen to America bus tour route. A special H/T to our friends at for their help compiling this list.

This is what you can rent for $600 a month in …

Tucson is home to the 44,000-student University

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