4 Lessons Learned From Renovating Our New York City Apartment

No matter how many hours of HGTV we’d watched (and believe me, there were many), nothing could have entirely prepared us for our home renovation a few years ago. Combining our two-bedroom apartment with the one-bedroom next door – we theorized – would give us enough space to grow our family at a smaller investment than selling and buying a new three-bedroom in our Brooklyn neighborhood. Plus, we could design the home to our liking.

That did prove true, but not without some hard lessons learned.

A wise friend told us prior to starting our project that if you can survive a major home renovation with your partner, you can work through pretty much anything together. She was absolutely right. For an added degree of difficulty, we were raising a 1-year-old baby while combining apartments. We were really in for a test.

Now that hindsight has kicked in and the

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