How To Prevent A Home Renovation From Wrecking Your Relationship

You’re plopped down on the couch with your partner getting sucked into yet another HGTV vortex when you receive a sudden and urgent burst of inspiration to renovate or remodel your home. “Cost be damned!” you think. “We must have an open kitchen design!”

Even when home improvement programs show the minor setbacks or disappointments along the way (ugh, there may not be enough room for a farmhouse sink after all), it still often seems like a fairly smooth process for the couple. And, of course, it’s easier when you have money to spare on home improvements and seasoned pros like Chip and Joanna Gaines basically doing the project for you. What you typically don’t see on camera are couples having heated arguments about budget-busting cabinetry and then silently stewing in separate rooms for the rest of the evening.

“Keep in mind that you’re not seeing everything that goes on,

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