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The Timeless Elegance of Chandeliers

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The Timeless Elegance of 19Th C. French Empire Crystal Chandelier -  idealamps

Chandeliers are known to be the elegance and sophisticated, they have adorned the top quality ballroom ceilings, luxury dining hall, dressing up homes today. Many of these incredible light fixtures that are described as beautiful can act as both sources of light and decorative aspects that bring elegance and opulence into rooms. This article provides the background and evolution of chandelier, the different types of chandeliers and tips for choosing the right one for your house.

Styles of Chandeliers

Chandeliers are made in so many designs, that each ornament could be charming and attract the eye in its own way. Here are some popular styles to consider:

Traditional Chandeliers:

Standard chandeliers are mostly linear in structure and incorporate floral and renaissance influences, which include rectangular plates bearing incised work, hardware patterns mimicking the appearance of candles, and faceted crystals. These chandeliers are ideal for use in the dining rooms, living rooms, and entrance halls especially for those rooms that are assessed to be a form of formal ones.

Crystal Chandeliers:

Chandeliers made of crystal are highly regarded for their beauty and their ability to luminosity with a beautiful light. What’s more, they are available in different layouts and at times may even be as complicated as an architectural masterpiece and may also be as simple as a streamlined model. Traditional and elegant crystal chandeliers are one of the best options for those clients who want to embody the spirit of the royal interiors.

Modern Chandeliers:

Chandeliers in the current world and period are minimal in their structure and design as compared to their medieval counterparts with straight and sleek designs and shapes. With a huge diversification, these containers can be manufactured using metals such as steel and aluminum, glass, and even plastics. These chandeliers are hanging best in modern homes as it brings 

elegance to the house.

Rustic Chandeliers:

Some of the most common features of country and rustic chandeliers include WOOD, WROUGHT IRON and ANTLERS. They are usually handmade, and furniture made of woods belonging to this family is superb as fillers for 

rugged, farmhouse or any lodge-like theme homes.

Transitional Chandeliers:

Transitional chandeliers marry elements of classic and contemporary decor in an elegant and practical way. There is much somewhat stricter and the majority also has rather smooth lines with simple geometrical shapes and ornaments.

Choosing the Perfect Chandelier UK

When selecting a chandelier for your home, consider the following factors to ensure you choose the perfect fixture for your space:


You should also consider the size of the chandelier in relation to the size of the room it will be installed in. If a chandelier is too small for a room, it will probably blend into the room and even create a false impression that nothing was installed on the ceiling. They measure the dimensions of the room, and height of the ceiling to obtain the suitable size for the gadgets.


It is important for a chandelier which you choose to suit the overall decor theme and look of your house. Whereas, a traditional or elaborate crystal chandelier can be for a traditional or formal areas while a contemporary or raw chandelier can bet better for modern or casual areas.

Lighting Needs:

It will also depend with the kind of light you want in the room the room will define the level of light you require. Chandeliers may differ in the amount of light they give, which depends on how many bulbs are in it and how complicated the chandelier is. Ensure that the chandelier that you select gives out enough light to match the particular room it’s installed in.


Chandelier placement can both be functional as well as aesthetical in its preparation of the room. Chandeliers are generally used in dining rooms, living rooms and entrances, but they maybe suitably installed in bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. Confirm that, the chandelier has been placed at an appropriate height above the dining table which ranges between 30 to 36 inches or when placed in an open area the chandelier should be placed 7feet above the floor.


A chandelier also faces various maintenance requirements; therefore, the ease of maintenance is also factors that can be considered when choosing a chandelier. While some designs are more delicate and therefore cleaner than others taking a shorter time or may require more washes because of the number of crystals and design details on them.

Chandelier that will match any other design and match any consumer. Taking the size, style, lighting requirement, position and usage requirements into consideration, one can indeed choose the appropriate chandelier to ornament his house. If you like the classical styles and want an elegant accessory in the room or you are a fan of the contemporary styles and like smooth lines of the metal, a chandelier will be your best choice and an amazing addition in almost any interior.

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