July 23, 2024


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This Little-Known Home Business Secret Is Guaranteed To Put Money In Your Pocket Fast

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It’s no mystery to anyone who has been in business — especially a home business where funds are tight — that referral marketing is the fastest and cheapest way to build a business that makes making money at home a lot easier than with traditional advertising.

And there are many ways of going about getting referrals.

For example, one of the best ways is to do it when someone has complimented you.

But another great time to ask for referrals is the moment the sale has been made.

In fact, according to Jay Conrad Levinson (one of the world’s most prolific and respected marketers) as soon as the sale has been consummated and they’ve paid for it, the person is feeling a sense of positivity.

And while they’re feeling that positivity, that’s the time to ask for the referral.

You don’t have to get fancy or anything, just ask for the names of three people or five people who might benefit from getting on your mailing list.

And to make it worth their while — so it’s easy and fun for them to give you referrals — you can also give them a reward or a free gift in exchange for those names.

And then, to really milk the opportunity for all it’s worth, go back to those same customers who gave you referrals a month later and ask for more. And then, again six months later.

Reason why is because people meet new people all the time. And during that month and the next six months after that, they will most likely have even more names for you.

This is some of the best referral advice I’d ever heard.

And I can guarantee you, if you use it for your home business, you will grow it much faster and easier than you would otherwise, and put more money in your pocket almost right away.

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