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Typing From Home – A Hot Home Business

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Do you have typing and word processing skills and want to work typing from home? One option you have is to start a secretarial service business from home! Read on to find out if this hot home business is right for you.

Skills you’ll need:

You’ll need basic computer skills; typing skills — your speed will increase with experience; knowledge of a major word processing package; and good English and grammar skills.

The fees you can get for your word processing work vary by geographic area but generally run from $20 to $35 per hour.

What kind of work can you expect?

You don’t have to limit yourself to typing work such as typing letters, invoices, proposals, agreements and books. If your typing speed is fast, you can provide transcription services and process data entry work from home.

Your skills will help determine what secretarial services you’ll offer. The more skills you have, the more services you can offer. What are your strengths? Are you a whiz with words? A creative designer? If you have design skills, you can provide desktop publishing, graphic design, or graphic layout. If you have writing skills, you can write and type resumes. If you have legal or medical experience, you may want to target legal or medical clients.

Equipment you’ll need:

To start a secretarial or word processing business and provide typing work from home, you will need a computer, major word processing program (most computers comes with one), and a printer. You may need a fax machine if your clients want to fax you work. To provide transcription services, you will need a transcription machine.

Start-up costs are low if you already have a computer and printer.

How to get started typing from home:

Many successful secretarial service businesses recommend word of mouth, direct mail and yellow pages ads as the best way to attract clients for your word processing and secretarial services.

If you have the skills needed, a secretarial service business can be a rewarding and profitable home business that will give you the opportunity to provide typing work from home.

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