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Wind Chimes Adding Wonderful Melodic Tunes to Your Home

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Wind chimes had been widely used by many cultures all around the world. Believed to be invented by the Chinese community thousands of years ago, this instrument is made up of cylinders and tubes suspended together which when hung outdoor and played by the wind will produce soothing, melodic sounds. It was once associated with religious ceremonies where wind chimes are often hung in temples and shrines to charm gods and spirits. Wind chimes are also used to observe changes in the directions of wind and provide indications of a weather change. Nowadays, the use of wind chimes had become more diverse as an instrument or tool to bring calmness and serenity to the soul and mind or simply as beautiful decoration that you can add to your home.

There are many types and forms of wind chimes available in the current market. They also come in different range of prices depending on the quality of the chimes. High- quality chimes can sometimes reach the cost of hundreds of dollars. Selecting the perfect wind chime for your home is not as hard as it appears to be but it is always best to do some research before making your pick. For example, there are numerous websites which you can find on the internet that offers endless types of beautiful, quality wind chimes that may suit your budget and preferences. You can either purchase them online from these vendors or you can always visit the home d├ęcor section of department stores and even discount stores.

A typical wind chime is made up of four main parts. The first part is called the platform at the top. This can be made of wood or a metal ring. The chimes or tubes are suspended to the platform by a string or cord normally in a circular arrangement. A clapper or striker made of metal, wood or rubber ball is suspended in the middle of the arrangement of the tubes. When moved by the wind, it is the clapper that will strike the tubes and produces the melodic sound. Last but not least, the clapper is attached with a long string to a piece of metal or wood plate called the weight. A wind chime can be made up of different number of tubes or rods, the least is 3 rods while some can reach as many as 20 rods or more. These tubes must be in different lengths for the chime to be able to produce different range of notes. Size is another factor that affects the sound of chimes. Large wind chimes generally produce lower and deeper tones, while smaller chimes give out soft tunes. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the largest wind chime is currently displayed in Arkansas, with the longest tube being 36-feet long.

Different types of chimes produce different sounds and tones. Solid cylinder chimes give out different sounds compared to chimes made of hollow tubes. Hollow tubes with different wall thickness and length also produce variable range of tunes. Chimes can be made of many different materials. Metal chimes can be made of aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper and galvanized iron. Wooden and bamboo chimes are also among the most popular and commonly selected wind chimes for homes. There are also chimes made of glass, PVC pipes, crystals and even seashells, horseshoes and old silverware. Each material produces unique and distinctive sounds ranging from dull, monotonous thuds to pleasant tinkling sounds.

Beautifully designed high-quality wind chimes are not only pleasant to look at but can also bring the sense of tranquility and peace to the body, mind and soul as well as the entire ambience of the home. When selecting your wind chime, make sure they are made of high quality material. It is also best to select tuned wind chimes that produce harmonic musical tunes. Grace note chime, for instance, is reputed to be the most musical and precisely tuned wind chime available in the market. It is made by high-quality aluminum tubes with special pins inside each of them which remove the interference of the string against the tube resulting in a clearer sound. All grace note wind chimes are harmonically compatible since they are tuned in the key of C. High-quality material also ensures the wind chimes are long-lasting and can withstand adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow and heat since they are commonly hung outdoor.

There are numerous ways to enjoy the sounds of your wind chime. Garden wind chimes can add wonderful sounds that you can enjoy while relaxing in your garden. Try hanging your wind chime at your bedroom window and take a soothing short nap to the pleasing tones of the chime. Or you can even hang a small chime in your office to help you cope with the strenuous and exhausting workday. When hanging your chime, try to pick a suitable site protected from very strong wind to prevent any damage to your wind chime. The hooks used must be able to support the weight of the chime. Finally, do ensure that you do not hang them too close to any structure so that it can move freely in the wind.

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