July 23, 2024


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Wireless Home Automation and Security – The Technology is Available and Cheap

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With present wireless data communications capabilities so advanced, nearly anything that is possible from a hard-wired electrical connection can also be accomplished remotely with a wireless connection.

For relatively little cost, a homeowner can automate many of the electrical functions of the home that previously had to be handled manually. By adding just a programmable transceiver that plugs into any 120volt household electrical outlet, lamp or appliance modules, and a small hand-held user remote control, you can turn virtually any electrical device on or off from anywhere in the house, and usually at even a greater range, even from outside…depending on where the transceivers are located and other factors. With Internet access to the system, many of the functions can be performed from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Just the added convenience of turning household lights off and on by remote control is a great benefit, but there are many other benefits to having this technology at hand.

By adding a computer programmable unit, the user software, and the different addressable modules, the homeowner can program every action that takes place in the home automation system. One of the fantastic benefits to this type of system, is that the routine needed can be programmed and saved into the controller, and then executed continuously until changed.

Different lighting scenarios can be programmed into the system using the graphically representative software, and then set to run on the preset schedule. Need your home to look ‘lived-in’ while you’re on vacation ? There are even settings to allow for the lights to turn on (and off) at other than the exact same pre-programmed times everyday. By having say, a 20 minute variance, it doesn’t look like the lights are on on timers.

With every module having its own unique address in the system, they can obviously all be sent commands specifically or simultaneously. So if you need a certain command to be executed, maybe a specific module to turn on when a sensor detects something, just set it within the software.

Wireless Security Possibilities

The security capabilities in this type of wireless system are tremendous. Of course one of the best features is the low cost, but the ease of installation is second to none. What used to take up to several days to install when using hard-wired systems, can now be accomplished in minutes or hours.

The somewhat primitive functions of motion detection with audible alarm signaling are available, but by adding more hardware you can add so much more functionality. There is the potential for audio and video integration, with motion-activated recording and remote viewing and control of networked cameras.

Not only does that mean that you can set up a system to start video recording if a sensor is triggered, but you can also have remote viewing of any of the cameras installed in, or around your home or business, via the Internet from anyplace in the world that has a broadband connection! Is that just plain high-tech cool or what ? Just think about the many options that are possible with a system like this.

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