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Anupamaa June 13 update: Anupamaa does pooja at the new house, keeps Barkha and friends waiting

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The demonstrate commences with Anupamaa apologizing to Vanraj and the spouse and children and inquiring them to appear inside. At the doorway entrance, Anuj recites his poetry and Baa taunts him about what took place outside. Everybody is delighted to fulfill each individual other.

Bapuji fingers in excess of the sweets to Barkha and later on she asks the waiter to maintain them concealed beneath the desk and Vanraj sees her. Barkha sees the Ganpati photo on the wall and asks Anupamaa who hung it. Anupamaa replies she did and asks if she will not greet it. Afterwards, Barkha goes to her home and usually takes an panic pill. Ankush arrives into the home and sees her taking the tablets. They have a minimal argument about Anupamaa’s relatives.

Anuj asks Anupamaa what took place outside and she reveals that Vanraj’s family’s name was not on the listing. Sara and Samar know each individual other and the reality that they are connected to each individual other. Even Paritosh and Kinjal satisfy Sara and check with about Adhik. Even Adhik and Paakhi lastly satisfy and know how they are relevant. Paritosh and Adhik satisfy again and remember the previous incident.

Anupamaa and the Vanraj spouse and children talk to each and every other. Baa asks why Barkha is donning 50 percent clothing to which Anupamaa asks to let it go. Baa issues Anupamaa about her high priced necklace which would make all people awkward.

Barkha would make an announcement and reveals that Anuj Kapadia is back. Anuj greets everyone and many thanks Barkha for the decoration. Anuj can make a massive announcement and reveals that the whole Kapadia small business belongs to Anupamaa. As quickly as Anupamaa speaks Barkha cuts her out and starts off the party, and every person results in being furious.

Anupamaa goes and stops the new music and plays the pooja song, to which Barkha is stunned. Anupamaa apologizes to Barkha for stopping the audio and says they will bash but just after the pooja. Anupamaa also clarifies to Barkha why pooja is crucial. Barkha asks how her mates will sit in the pooja as they have come to celebrate. Anupamaa states they will have to wait around.


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