June 23, 2024


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Home Decor Gets a Bling Makeover From Ms. BB

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Daahling, do you smile each time you walk through your front door? Does your living room sparkle, your bathroom shine, and your bedroom sizzle? If not, Ms. BB will show you how a little bling can turn your home into a castle where you will surely feel like a beautiful princess.

How many years have you looked at that same old furniture in your living/family room? Day in, day out – is it simply boring you, Daahling? It is easy to bling it up with colorful, beaded throw pillows on the couch, in the chair, and even on the floor. Are you on a tight budget? Try this quick fix. Buy two brightly colored fabric placemats, put one on each side of your old pillow, tie each corner with a jeweled pony tail ring ~ Bling, Bling, you instantly have a sparkling new look!

Please do not let your bathroom look like a dungeon, Daahling. After all, you spend a lot of time in there, so add some bling. Buy jeweled garland at a craft store and drape around the shower curtain rod and/or towel bars. It is easy to accent with several functional pieces that are already blinged up with jeweled or shiny designs that add color and gleam. Look for beads and rhinestones on soap dishes, toothbrush holders, tissue box covers, and candle holders. If you can not find the perfect piece, simply glue on a few rhinestones and colorful beads from the craft store to create an original work of art! These are fun to coordinate in bright colors and patterns to match your color scheme. Don’t forget to add a beautifully jeweled hand held mirror to your vanity for a touch of elegance.

For a sophisticated touch that is always in style, make Swarovski your new best friend, Daahling. Accent all of the rooms in your castle with colorful crystals. From jeweled napkin holders in the dining room to colorful crystal surrounding your favorite photo on the mantel, go all around your house and let your imagination run wild. These Austrian crystals are optically pure, highly polished, precisely cut, and simply beautiful. They shimmer with grace on the rims of picture frames, tea lights, vases, and bowls in every color of the rainbow.

For a simply maavelous accent piece, choose a collectible egg Cinderella Carriage that even your prince will love. The natural beauty of crystals will add instant elegance to any room, and they are sure to make you smile each time you look at them!

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