How to expand your small house

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Living in a small house mostly means that you are stuck in a cramped space, you cnnot just get enough air to breathe. Even though small houses are cozy, they may not be as functional as you want it. However, here are some tricks you can use to expand space in your small-sized house:

Use a fold-up table and get storage under your stairs

You can get a dining table that folds up onto the wall and folding chairs that can be placed upon it. This way, you will make your small kitchen look spacious and be able to move around as much as you want. Also, do not let the space under your stairs go to waste. Turn it into different types of storage – shelves, cabinets, drawers, etc. Not only will it make your small house functional, but it will also make it look more creative too.

Use a king-sized bed and install skylights in your bedroom

Buying large and relaxing home furnishings such as king-sized bed for your small house is not counter-intuitive. Rather, it makes it seem as if your house is spacious. Try this counterintuitive approach and see how your small house will be transformed. However, make sure your room can contain the size of the bed you are buying while leaving some space for you to move around. Some of the stores you can consider buying your furniture from include La fuente furniture and Brylane home furniture. Also, install skylights in your room. Fewer lights make the room look stuffy, but more light provides an atmosphere of greater space and access to the scenic outdoors.

Expand a room and use reflections

If you have room to expand a little, do so. Extend the room to include the unused space. You will be able to add more things to your room. You should also include reflections in your room. Use sliding mirrored wardrobe doors or glossy paint finishes to provide reflections. As light is tossed around in your room, it will make it look more expansive.

Get rid of some things and grow indoor plants

You would save a lot of space if you get rid of the things you use sporadically. You can take advantage of your community’s lending scheme or borrow from friendly neighbors. Also, bring nature inside your home. Indoor plants help to brighten the atmosphere and create a more open space. You will like it, especially in a city apartment.

Add a half door and room window to your room

You can install a window in your roof and use the bottom as storage. You can also use a half door. This way, you will get access to fresh air and be more connected with nature. you will also increase the sense of space in your house.

Get a hearth and kitchen peninsula

You will find it difficult getting enough seats for guests especially when they are large in numbers. A trick you can apply to provide more space is to make a sturdy hearth around your fireplace. Put some cushions on top of the hearth and you will not run out of seats when entertaining your guests. If you do not use your dining room often, you can add a peninsula to your kitchen to provide extra space for family meals. You can find other uses for your dining room.

Use to-scale furniture

Before you buy any piece of furniture for your home, it is required that you measure it to see that it fits your home just perfectly. Oversized furniture is not the best for a small-sized house. You can also add modular sofas and armchairs to your house. Add small pieces like the coffee table that make it functional.

Use lighter colors for your home

The colors you use for your home should go with your home furnishings. Do not use colors that are in contrast to the furnishings. Go for lighter colors that will make your house look more open and reflect light in better ways.

Install storage to your ceiling

If you can, vertically add storage all the way upward. Not only do you get to keep your things out of the way, but this type of storage also helps to send his view upward and makes your room look larger than it is. Also, if there is any precious space you want to use, you can use a loft up to your roof.

Use nesting tables

To enjoy using your small home and make it more functional, you need to get furnishings that do double duty. Such furnishings can be quickly taken out of the way or hidden away without any stress. Go for three-in-one nesting side tables if you want these.