July 20, 2024


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Keep Your Home Safe During Spring Vacations

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Keep your home save during Spring vacations, everyone waits for spring and to get away, whether it is for a long Easter weekend with the extended family or to go someplace warm while the children have their spring break from school. There are some steps to take before going on vacation that can help keep the house safe while you are gone.

The first thing is taking a look around the house at each door and window, since things can change during cold weather. Do they all close and lock properly? If not then they need to be repaired so that they close smoothly, latch properly and lock. Assuming there is a home security system, and if there is not then one should be installed, it should be tested and the battery backup checked. This will ensure that the system is functioning properly. Are the bushes trimmed so they do not create hiding places near the house, if not trim them, usually in most climates they are still trimmed from the fall with little or no growth.

One of the important things to do for home security when planning a Spring vacation is to have the mail held and newspaper stopped. Having them pile up will alert any criminal passing by the residence that no one is at home and they have all the time they need to break-in. The only thing that will be a deterrent is the home security system. If it is a long weekend that the family is going to be away, a neighbor, friend or extended family member can pick up the mail and newspapers.

Make it appear that someone is at home, use timers on the lights, television or radio, because sound and light makes it appear that the family is at home and that is not attractive to the person that wants to steal possessions from the residence. They like to break-in when no one is at home, so they have complete run of the house without anyone seeing what they look like.

Once these things are in place it is possible for the family to go away on vacation without any worry of a break-in. Plus, the home security system will continue to monitor for smoke and fire, so the house is completely safe and so are the family’s possessions. These are steps that should be taken any season that the family plans a trip, whether it is a long weekend or a week long vacation. When the home security system includes cameras, which are outdoor or indoor it is possible to use a laptop, cell phone or PDA to see what the cameras have to show and this can be comforting, making it possible to have a worry free vacation. Safety for the family is important, when they are home and when they are away, because either time if someone has been in the house to steal, it takes away the family’s sense of security. Once that is gone the family members might never feel safe in the house again, knowing a stranger has been there.

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