Make cashew rolls in this way everyone in house will like it


If you like to eat sweets then now we are heading to explain to you how you can make cashew nut rolls at dwelling. It is a dish that absolutely everyone likes and no one can refuse to consume it. So let’s know how to make a cashew roll.

Elements of cashew roll-
250 gms cashew nuts
1 cup sugar
1 cup milk
Some silver leaves for decoration

Process of creating cashew rolls: – Initial of all, put the cashew nuts and milk in the blender and grind them finely. Now include the paste and sugar and cook dinner on a low flame until the sugar dissolves, then boil. Now operate on medium flame right until the mixture leaves the edges of the pan and gets a paste-like dough. Now get rid of from the flame and continue to keep until finally it is chilly plenty of. Following cooling it rolls on to a greased surface, on a looped rolling pin (roll just before cooling).  

For rolls:- For this, you can make a mixture of grated, blanched almonds or pistachios, or cropped khoya with crushed sugar and crushed cardamom (you can differ the fillings according to taste, for case in point, use pistachios). Now slice the beleaguered cashew nuts into rectangles, area some fillings together the width of the rectangle and roll them into a cylindrical condition, fully covering the filling.

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