Some Delicious Recipes That You Can Make Using Whipped Cream Dispensers

Some Delicious Recipes That You Can Make Using Whipped Cream Dispensers

Whipped Cream dispensers are not used only to make sweet whipped cream but there are other sweet or salty recipes that you can experiment with by using a cream charger. In this era of doing things in a short and fast way, people have found multiple uses of a single thing. They have developed from hand blenders to whipped cream dispensers. People are experimenting a lot with dispensers to use them to their full potential. 

Mashed potatoes: 

  • Is it mashed potatoes? Yes!! 
  • Boil the potatoes in a pressure cooker or vessel for some time
  • Then take out the potatoes, peel off their skin mash then, and put them inside the can. 
  • Now press the lever to release mashed potatoes on your plate or decorate with them.

Making smoothies:

  • Smoothies are drinks made from fresh fruits and raw veggies like mango, strawberries, spinach, cucumber, etc. 
  • Chop fruits and veggies, mash them slightly and put them inside the canister. 
  • You can add chilled water and some fresh mint or parsley to add some more freshness. 
  • Now serve it with some chopped fruits.

Make the delicious mousse: 

  • No one does not like Chocolate mousse. When you are craving a chocolate mousse why not try and make it using a whipped cream dispenser.
  • Add some chocolate powder, coffee, water, and sugar to a bowl; you can also add milk in place of water. 
  • To avoid granulated sugar you can use powdered sugar. 
  • Pour the mixture into a whipped cream dispenser and shake 2-3 times 
  • Open the dispenser and pour the mousse into small bowls or glasses.
  • And serve.

Transform your regular coffee 

  • Are you bored of drinking the same coffee every day? Why not change its texture!!
  • Take a cup or glass, add coffee powder and milk (use water if you prefer), and stir a bit.
  • Now, pour the mixture into the canister. 
  • Shake the whipped cream dispenser two times if you want your coffee to be a little runny, or you can shake 3-4 times to get a foamy texture. 
  • Pour your coffee in a coffee mug and enjoy the same rich coffee differently. 
  • Suggestions- To make cold coffee in the same process add chilled water and some ice cubes.

Make carbonated drinks

  • Ever thought that you can make carbonated drinks at home? It is very easy and simple to make carbonated drinks with a whipped cream dispenser, just change the nitrous oxide cream bulb with a carbon dioxide bulb. 
  • Pour your juice into the canister and get your fresh carbonated drink ready in minutes. 
  • Don’t shake the dispenser while making carbonated drinks, it can make the drink foam instead of watery.

Irrespective of the recipe that you try with a whipped cream dispenser, never forget to charge it with a nitrous oxide cream bulb. Without a bulb, you will not get your desired results. If you are running out of cream bulbs and want to buy a new cream canister, then there are many brands available in the market, Power Whip is a brand that sells nitrous oxide cream bulbs and cream canisters cheaply.