Success in a Home Business

Success doesn’t come to you….you go to it…. Marva Collins

Success or failure…the choice of whether you succeed or fail is really up to you. We are often challenged within our lives and we choose to continue to live and work within our comfort zone. The result is we are getting the results we have always gotten.

We often hear, when my ship comes in …we will be able to do many of the things we want.

Unfortunately, most people sit and wait for the ship to come in and it never comes..or they are sitting at the wrong dock.

Success is no different. We can’t sit and wait for success. We must go out and find success. This takes time, patience, effort, planning, sometimes money, and always consistent action. Success does not happen overnight. Take things one step at a time, but stay consistent in taking steps everyday.

If you sit and wait for your ship to come in, you are settling for what the ship offers. However, if you go to the ship, you can choose the ship, and you also get to choose the size of the ship.

Do not sit back and just wait for things to happen. Write down your goals and dreams. Set your performance standard benchmarks and reach for your goals and dreams. Do not let others stand in your way and be sure to always remember that success happens to those who go after success, not for those who sit and wait for it to happen.

Success requires a sustainable motivation. A sustainable motivation is like the Energizer battery, it keeps going, and going, and going! Having a sustainable motivation will allow you to overcome the ups and downs of building your own business without getting derailed from moving toward your dream.

Begin developing your sustainable motivation today by reading something uplifting and positive at least 10 minutes a day. Developing a sustainable motivation builds confidence and confidence is important for keeping you on track of building your network marketing business.

You can succeed in all you do if you make up your mind to just do it! You already have all you need inside of you to achieve success.

“Success is a process, not an event, a journey, not a destination.” Zig Ziglar

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To Your Success

Cindy Loewen

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