These Five Invasive Species Will Ruin Your Home in Days

When it comes to fighting back with pests, it’s not as easy as it seems. First of all, they are small so they can hide around the corner with ease. Secondly, they come in a massive number. And lastly, they are resilient. Most of the pests don’t seem to react much to products or home-made remedies. That leaves us the option to seek high-end professional pest control services. But how will weknow the perfect time to seek such kind of help? Well, in our opinion, if you see any of these pests around the corners of your house, then you should most definitely seek professional help a soon as possible.

Pest You Need to Be Aware Of

Red Imported Fire Ant

Ants are both, small and dangerous pests. And when you’ll see, read imported ants, there is no other option than to call for the End of Lease pest control services. You wouldn’t want to stumble on these ants as a sting from them will leave your leg swollen and sore. Their venom contains a necrotizing alkaloid, this will not kill you but make you wish that you were dead. This ant breed is extremely resilient and aggressive, they can live of floods and droughts both. Therefore, it will not be hard to get rid of them.

Asian Longhorn Beetle

This bug looks very pretty due to the colorful design on its body but doesn’t get fooled by its beauty as they are pretty destructive. If you have a maple tree, then be absolutely aware as they make these trees their home and will enter your home eventually. Once they are inside, your hardwood floors and other wooden furniture will be in a cloud of dust. Also, if you have a garden with big trees, they will destroy them all in months.

Asian Carp

One of the most invasive living things is the Asian Carp, that have four different species of their own. One species from this variety is named Silver Carp, which can be dangerous to humans as well. These fishes can grow to 100lbs and can easily terrorize your home. They can enter your home through the drainage system and make your life miserable.

Asian Longhorned Ticks

 As the name is suggesting, this insect came from Asia, where it is known to spread deadly diseases to humans. If you saw even a single Asian long-horned tick, call the pest control service as soon as you can. The reason is them multiplying rapidly because the female can give birth with a male interference. These bugs are known to spread diseases like Lyme, Japanese spotted fever, Ehrlichiosis, Khasan virus, and Powassan virus. It also spread a virus that is fatal to 15% of its victims, named SFTS. Make sure to take care check your family members, pets, and yourself whenever you pass wooded areas.

Formosan Termites

Another bug is from Asia, or more specifically China. These termites were brought into the country through military cargo shipments. And since then, these termites have spread throughout the country. Because these termites can chew through all types of hardwoods, they have gained the nickname “super termite”. Soon after entering your house, they will start to destroy wallpaper, flooring, and other wooded things in your home. You can always use chemicals that states to protect furniture from bugs, but we are unsure if they will work or not. If your area is prone to have such types of termites, having an annual termite inspection will be the best way to deal with them.

Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs

The brown marmorated stink bugs first arrive in Pennsylvania, back in 1996. And from there, they have now spread in 44 different states to worry many homeowners. In winter, these bugs enter your house in search of shelter. Their most common hiding places are inside the cracks of walls, in the attic, and in the crawl space. Do not try to kill them on your own as they release a bad smell when squished or hurt. to prevent these bugs from entering your home, you should fill in all the gaps and holes or call an experienced pest control service.