Common Roofing Mistakes You Should Avoid

7 Common Roofing Mistakes You Should Avoid - D'Angelo & Sons ...

Roofs according to shape, rough, are divided into single-drained, double-drained or multi-drained, into oblique, semi-sloping, complex, tent-like, conical, scaly, domed, tower, straight and suspended. Get the best roofing company oshawa.

The slope of the roof and its construction are conditioned by the type of covering material, the purpose of the attic space and aesthetics, and climatic conditions are also very important. For example, where winters are snowy, roofs are steep, while in warmer regions, but also because of the bora, they are often flat.

For a quality roof, we need a good construction, a quality cover, but also a handful of additional materials that will allow the attic to be regularly ventilated, to be well insulated and for rainwater to go through the gutters into the planned shaft.

The shape of the roof depends on the area in which the house is located – When making a roof should follow the rules of the profession. Each covering, be it shingles or tile, has its own specifics. It should also be mentioned that there is a difference in the insulation of classic roofs or flat – green roofs, the roof is an expensive investment, and for example, today’s standard ventilated system of classic pitched roofs air exchange between the building and nature to ensure the best possible climate for life in the building itself.

Be careful when choosing tiles. Tiles are the most popular cover in our country, and choosing tiles is a decision that is made for almost a lifetime.

Just send a draft of the roof in dwg or pdf format according to which professionals will create and send you a specification of the required material. The specification includes a calculation of the required amount of tiles, special elements and roofing equipment.

There are also concrete tiles on the market, but you should know that clay tiles are lighter by about 20 percent per square meter, do not absorb water, are waterproof and have a permanent color for a long time. They are made of more environmentally friendly materials and allow a variety of applications due to the mass of the tile itself.

Tips for a good roof

1 Basic roof equipment

Basic equipment for roof construction Roof vapor-tight-waterproofing membrane, ridge strip for ventilation, snow guards and protection systems against birds and larger insects, such as nets, spikes and protective grilles.

2 Consult the manufacturer and when installing tiles or any other cover, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. The most common mistakes are when, for example, the tile is chosen among several pallets, and mistakes are often made in the construction and spacing of the slats.

3 Tile lasts up to 100 years

Reputable tile manufacturers usually give a 40-year warranty. Of course, the precondition is that the roofing works were carried out according to the rules of the profession, that the roof was ventilated and that the original roofing equipment was used. 5 What are roofing membranes? Earlier, roofing felt was used, and today the membranes ensure the “breathing” of the wooden roof structure, which means that they release excess water vapor and moisture. The accumulation of mold inside the structure is also prevented.

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