Different Types of Knives and Blades for Craftsmanship

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Knives and Blades from Marshall Industrial are indispensable hand tools. The application of knives is limitless so knowing how to use them can benefit anyone. 

The types of knives and blades will depend on their use. For example, there are different types of kitchen knives and there are different outdoor knives. 

The following are the different types of knives that can be used for work:

Clip Point

A clip point blade is quite common knife shape. The clip point blade has a spine like other knives but the point of the blade appears to be clipped. 

The clipped portion of the blade can either be straight or curved. However, the clip allows for a fine point that is great for jobs that require precision. 

Drop Point

A drop point is another common sell my house fast jacksonville blade shape. A drop point blade has a convex shape from the point of the blade to the handle. 

You can easily control the point of the blade while getting a large area for slicing. They are great for general use. 

Straight Back

The typical kitchen knife is a straight back blade hence it can be called a normal blade. It has a curved sharp edge and a flat, dull side. 

The dull side of the blade allows you to apply pressure with your fingers to increase cutting force. On the other hand, it adds weight to the knife. 

A straight back blade is best used for slicing and chopping. 

Hawkbill Knife

A hawkbill knife, also called a talon, has a curved spine and edge that create a downward facing point like a talon. The talon like shape of the blade allows it to cut when pulled in the direction of the handle. 

The blade is quite efficient as far as We buy houses Jacksonville cutting is concerned. It can be used for a wide variety of utilitarian jobs.

Needle Point Blade

A needle point knife is a unique and rare type of knife. As the name suggests, the blade looks like a needle because it has two sharp edges that narrow sharply to the point of the blade. 

The needle point blade is great for piercing and penetrating. However, it is usually more fragile than other blades because of its narrow design. 

Spear Point

A spear point blade is a symmetrical blade with its point in line with the center of the knife. It can have either one or two sharp edges. 

The spear point knife is similar to a needle point knife but stronger. It is best used for thrusting. 


The shape of a sheepsfoot blade is one with a straight edge and a curved one that meet at the point. As the name implies, the knife was originally used to trim sheep hooves. 

The sheepsfoot blade is designed for slicing while reducing the chance of piercing by mistake.

Tanto Blade

A tanto blade is a blade that has a curved edge with an angular transition. Its shape gives it a much stronger and protruding point. 

The tanto blade is reminiscent of Japanese Samurai short swords. Therefore, it is great for piercing through tough material.