What is the Best Type of Garage Door Roller for a Garage Door Repair in Vancouver?

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A garage door roller is one of the key components that allow your garage door to function properly.  It pays to learn the best type of garage door roller as you seek for garage door repair service in Vancouver in case your rollers get damaged and you need a replacement.

Garage door rollers ensure the smooth, safe, and quiet opening and closing of your garage door.  Choosing the best garage door roller can be tricky but with a garage door repair service professional, you can know how to pick out the best type of garage door roller.

Available Garage Door Rollers that You Can Choose From

Garage door repair can help you choose from the various sizes and types of garage door rollers.  Check out how you can breeze through picking the best roller:

  • Most Common:  Plastic Rollers with No Ball Bearings

These low-cost garage door rollers will last two to three years before replacement. Most home builders install this type so if you recently bought a newly renovated or newly-built home, it is most likely that these are the type of rollers on your garage door.

  • Upgrade of the Plastic Rollers:  Steel Rollers
  • Steel Rollers with 7 Ball Bearings

The steel rollers, which are a great upgrade of the plastic rollers have 7 ball bearings that can be lubricated so that they will last for five years or more.  Its material makes it noisier than other types, but they function well for 5,000 to 7,000 cycles and can hold about 35 pounds.

  • Steel Rollers with 10 Ball Bearings

With extra bearings, you can have a quieter and smoother roll with much less friction.  They are one of the best options even if they are louder than the nylon tire rollers because each roller can hold 75 pounds and are good for about 10,000 to 15,000 cycles.

  • A Quieter Experience with Nylon Rollers
  • Nylon Rollers with 10 Ball Bearings

With these heavy-duty nylon rollers that go beyond the natural wear and tear of the roller, their life span is equivalent to the average life of a torsion spring.  The rollers can bear up to 75 pounds for each roller and can last for up to 15,000 cycles.

  • Nylon Rollers with 13 Ball Bearings

A very popular choice for a garage door roller because it is built to last 20,000 cycles.  This system owes its durability to the 13 ball bearings that give these amazing performance ability benefits:

  • Help keep dirt, moisture, and other harmful elements that could potentially damage the bearings out,
  • Increased life cycle
  • Smoother operation
  • Reduced stress on the automatic opener

Top 5 Best Garage Door Rollers for a Garage Door Repair in Vancouver

Remember that garage door rollers function best when they are in complete line with the track and lubricated properly.  So before you pick up the phone and call for a garage door repair, keep these in check.  Here are the top five garage door rollers that provide the best results:

  • Ideal Security SK7123 Inc.  Garage Door Roller.  These are commercial-grade rollers with nylon shells around steel wheels that are included with most of the best garage door openers, with 1- 13/16 inches wheels that perfectly fit most standard residential doors and 11 ball bearings that carry out smooth operations.
  • Fehr Bros. 6200Z Garage Door Rollers.    This long-lasting roller offers 100,000 cycles on a 12-inch door, made with a 2-inch nylon precision and a 4-inch plated stainless steel stem, making it ideal for salty coastal regions.
  • National Nylon Garage Door Rollers.  An easy-install nylon roller that effectively reduces vibrations and noise.  The 13 ball bearings diminish the wear and tear effect because there is less stress on the opener and the door hinges.
  • F & T Garage Door Rollers.  The robust 10 ball bearings of this roller are made with zinc plated 4-inch stems that can handle high pressure because it’s made of high-quality steel and provides a quieter experience compared with other steel rollers.
  • BC Precision Garage Door Rollers. These highly durable nylon rollers perform an ultra noiseless operation and overall great performance with 13 ball bearings and a lubrication groove that fit residential garage doors with a 2” track.

Garage Door Repair in Vancouver with the Best Rollers

There are a variety of garage door rollers available in the market.  Know the unique features of each type from the professionals of garage door repair to help you gain clarity about the best roller that will fulfill your requirements to keep that garage door rollin’.