Enjoy your Outdoor Space: Tips for Outdoor Landscape Lighting in New Orleans

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Plan an escapade in your outdoor space with outdoor landscape lighting in New Orleans that will make your walk around your yard a calming and enchanting experience.

You will definitely enjoy your well-lit outdoor environment long after the sun has set when you follow these tips on choosing the best landscape lighting fixtures and the best placement or layout for your landscape lights.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Principles you Should Consider

How your landscape looks during the day is totally different from how it looks with outdoor landscape lighting at night.  

But certain principles about lighting remain true.  Lighting, indoors or outdoors, daytime, or night time, is generally divided into three layers based on function:

  • Overall lighting

Light that provides illumination for a whole room or space.

  • Task lighting

Light that is used for a specific purpose like to light a path.

  • Accent lighting

Light that draws attention to an object or specific area, usually accomplished by using spotlights or floodlights.

Choosing the Suitable Outdoor Landscape Lighting Fixture and their Proper Placement

Beautify your outdoor space with a variety of light bulbs that you can choose from as outdoor light fixtures for your landscape.  

You can have outdoor landscape lighting integrated into your home’s wiring system if your landscape lights are located near your house.  

Outdoor low voltage landscape lighting provides an alternative to glaring floodlights and can be strategically positioned to accent plants and features in your landscape that you want to highlight.

You can also opt for solar outdoor landscape lighting which is a more eco-friendly choice.

Here are the different kinds of light bulbs and lighting fixtures and ideal placement ideas that you can incorporate in your outdoor landscape lighting in New Orleans:

  • String lights

You can use string lights in warm white, white, or multi-color.  They brighten up commonly used entryways when they are used to trim these entryways.  They also add highlights for patios and fences or set up to hang overhead on pergolas.

  • Spike lights

Spike lights are outdoor lighting fixtures that are available in these models:

  • Metal and glass spike light
  • Glass cover spike light
  • 5W warm white bulb
  • 4.5W warm white bulb

Position spike lights angled downwards on pathways to help create a welcoming environment and help you and your guests avoid obstacles along the path.  

  • Rope lights

Whether you choose cool white or multi-color rope lights, they can be used to illuminate your driveways and stairs, adding visual interest and ambiance and making your trip to your door a little safer.

  • Lanterns

Copper gas lanterns are unique landscape lighting features that are a low voltage lighting option.  The finish of natural copper gas lanterns is popular for their antique look and warm natural tone.

The most striking places for a gas or electric lantern for a unique look in your outdoor landscape are:

  • The entryway to your home
  • Path lighting
  • Near ponds
  • Post mounted gardens
  • Solar-powered landscape lighting

Harness solar energy with solar landscape lights that can both save you money on energy bills and effort in burying cables below the surface.  Not to mention, their safety because there can be danger of shock if cables are accidentally cut with a lawnmower or shovel.

There are many choices for unique solar landscape lighting like:

  • Flaming solar powered path lights
  • Brick solar pathway lighting
  • Hanging solar lanterns
  • Solar star lanterns
  • Solar-powered garden chandelier planter
  • Solar garden light gnome solar-powered robot home and garden statue
  • Mosaic solar landscape lighting
  • Deck step solar powered path lights
  • Solar-powered fence post cap
  • Crane pathway solar powered landscape lights
  • Solar fairy string lights

Come Home to Light with an Outdoor Landscape Lighting in New Orleans

Outdoor landscape lighting extends the use of your outdoor space well into the night.  It adds stunning ambiance and highlights the textures of the plants and structures in your garden and overall landscape.

Whether you use low voltage landscape lighting or solar landscape lighting, outdoor landscape lights in New Orleans will definitely enhance your home’s appearance while making your home and landscaping visible even after the sun has set.